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LA Website Design in business for more than 5 years

LA Website Designs and Management headquater is in Los Angeles, CA. The company main focus is helping small and medium-sized businesses establish a great presence in the World Wide Web for a fraction of a cost. We can offer the lowest design package because we have no huge overhead being a family owned business and operating in our own space. We are not here to earn big profit; what matters to us is we enjoy the work and be able to help a budding entrepreneurs. Lola Aguilar CEOLA Website Designs and Management CEO, Ms. Lolita Aguilar, is a retired  structural design engineer of The Armed Forces and earned her master’s degree in business administration at the International American University, Los Angeles, CA. Aside from the military service experience, she formerly owned various businesses such as construction and real estate Now co-founded Media One Entertainment. So, being an entrepreneur herself, Lolita knows that in this computer era, one of the secrets to succeed in business is to boost the online presence, and we are here to help you! Check our PORTFOLIO

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A Piece of Advice.

Surely, there are still small businesses that do not have websites. There are various reasons. One is the client’s belief that websites are expensive. In truth a website can be built for very little money and if you are on a tight budget you can even negotiate on terms and also get some discount options. At a minimum, if your will hire a website designer, you can start at one time payment of $150 and just upgrade when your company starts to grow. Just Remember:

“A company website helps you establish credibility as a business.” 

One more thing, a website can also give the impression that your company is genuine and more successful than it may actually be. One of the great things about the internet is that the size of your company does not really matter. So remember, customer wants to know the details of your business prior to contacting you. They go online and research the products, prices and companies before they make a purchase or visit your office.

If you don’t have a website you are missing out all of these potential customers.

Please feel free to ask us about  your plan of having a website or upgrading your existing website and I will be more than happy to help you.


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